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How our children help us face our greatest fears

I promise that you will cry while reading this.This fellow miracle moms story got me I’m sorry about that. But, what I really want to accomplish by posting this is education and awareness. Awareness in the fact that our family and others that we know, have had these same anguished filled conversations with hospital teams and palliative/hospice agencies. We as a family have had countless sleepless nights and tear soaked days. We realize that Noah’s days are numbered and in God’s timing. As positive as we seem to be, if you take the time to ask us how we realllyyy feel, you’ll get the straight answer. .at least from me. We continue to stay positive but it would be an in service to our supporters to not mention the “other” side of a degeneration illness. Many will ask..Why did Christine put this out there? And to you I proudly answer ,that I wear my strength as a badge of honor. I can only thank my precious son for this. I have had the same painful conversation with him about heaven and that he shouldn’t be afraid. That whenever he’s ready to just let it go. Let us’s so painful but I can’t be so selfish as to hold on to him so tight that he can’t move on spiritually. Thank you so much for listening and understanding our journey. It’s one that none of us will escape ♡ – C

Follow this link to an amazing article by Michelle Moon: How Our Daughter Helps Us Face Our Greatest Fear


Noah in 2013, at the walk-a-thon:


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